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Miitopia Review for Nintendo 3DS

My birthday is coming up and we just had a Super Mario themed birthday party. My mom made these cute green and red mushroom cupcakes that looked just like the power up and 1up from the games. We got mushroom and star shaped containers for sand art. My goodie bags were Mario Star straw cups with a spinning star on top filled with gold chocolate coins, and my mom put all my favorite Nintendo figurines on top of my cake. I got to wear my Mario costume that I’m going to wear for Halloween too. Oh, and everyone got to wear a Mario mustache! It was the best day ever!

A few days before my party Nintendo sent me a package of Nintendo goodies because I’m a Nintendo Kid Reviewer. In the package they sent a new Miitopia game for Nintendo 3DS and some cool dress up items like a chefs hat, microphone, wand, and a wizard hat which my dad says is from the Legend of Zelda. I haven’t played that game yet, but my dad says he played it a lot growing up on the old Nintendo. They also sent a Legend of Zelda amiibo and his name is Link. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting new amiibos to add to my collection because they make each game I play special with characters that are different than what you would get if you just played the game on its own.


Each time I get a new game for my 3DS, I love playing it for a long time so I really know how it works. When I started playing Miitopia I loved how I can add all my friends and everyone in my family to my game. I think Miitopia is great because you get to make teammates and you can put whoever you want on your team. You get to battle monsters and sometimes you can get food out of them, so you have food to feed the people in your inn. The Inn is where they stay at night. You can choose your jobs, like a mage or a warrior. You choose the jobs for your teammates and when you’re in the inn with your teammates and the more time you spend in the inn with them the higher their love is for each other. In Miitopia you can learn new things like how to battle evil monsters and get food out of them, and how to save everybody’s face from the evil dark lord who takes away everyone’s faces.

If you like creating your own characters then this is the perfect game for you. Many of my amiibos work with Miitopia and I get a new outfit from each one. It’s a little confusing to use the amiibos with Miitopia, but I’m getting the hang of it.

You can get amiibos and your copy of Miitopia from Amazon!

Ever Oasis Nintendo 3DS Review

When my mom  tells me it’s time to pack up a few things to bring with us for vacation, I never forget my Nintendo 3DS. I love summer vacation because I can play as much as I want and my mom doesn’t make me stop for homework or reading. She just gave me a new game to try out while we are driving in the car, but I couldn’t wait and wanted to check it out sooner. The game is called Ever Oasis and the cover looked really cool.

When I started playing it I didn’t really like the game. There was so much reading and I don’t really like reading that much, but my mom told me to give it a chance so I kept playing it. It became really interesting, I was a seedling and then I was in charge of a whole village! It was kind of cool growing a village, but it takes a lot of time. I’m still working on it, but so far it’s a game I try to play every day because I can’t wait to see what I will find next. There is always someone new to meet and more people that want to join my village.

The map on the bottom of the screen helps me know where I should go next or who I should speak to. The people I speak to give me clues or tell me they need supplies and then I can go find them.

I’m glad I gave the game another shot. I didn’t think I would like it at first but now it’s a game I love to play everyday.

Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo 3DS

We received this game as part of the Nintendo Kid Reviewer Program

One of my favorite games for the Nintendo Wii U is Yoshi’s Woolly World. My mom plays with me and my sister and helps us get the missing yarn, flowers, and red coins. These three things are important when you play Yoshi’s Woolly World. I love making fun new Yoshi’s, and the only way to do that is to collect all the yarn in each level. My favorite Yoshi is the Wii U Yoshi that is blue with a black shirt. We found him on a special level in World 1 of Yoshi’s Woolly World after we collected all the flowers from each level.

Now I get to play Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo 3DS and this one is a little different because it came with the Poochy amiibo. I use to always get Poochy as a special character after I collected enough coins on the Wii U, but with the amiibo I can always have Poochy by my side on the Nintendo 3DS. He comes with his little babies that act as my yarn balls so  they can help me find hidden things. They never run out and this is helpful in completing each level because you don’t need yarn balls. You also cannot get yarn balls if you use the Poochy Pups option.

My favorite part of the game is at the end of each level where I can see if I collected all 5 of the flowers. If I do, then I get a mini game! If I collect all of the yarn in each level, then I get another Yoshi.

If you have an amiibo, like Princess Peach or Mario, you can place it on your Nintendo 3DS and it will change your Yoshi into the colors of that character. I was never able to do this on my older 3DS, but I just received a new 3DS that is able to use the amiibo characters.

I love that I can bring Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World with me anywhere I go!

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Mario Party Star Rush for Nintendo 3Ds

I was super excited when my mom told me that Nintendo asked our family to be on the  Nintendo Kid Reviewer team. On the weekends and on snow days, we play Nintendo Wii U as a family, but my favorite thing is playing the Nintendo 3DS after my homework is done. We play Mario Party 10  on the Wii U all the time because it’s one of the only games my 4 1/2 year old sister can play with us too, but it’s nice to play a game by myself sometimes on my Nintendo 3Ds.

I just received Mario Party Star Rush for the Nintendo 3DS which I’m very excited about! When I play it i think it’s a really challenging  game and everyday I feel like I just need to get back to it. It’s all about getting  stars to win the game, you can even add Mario and his friends to your game. Mario Party Star Rush is like a board game and the person who finishes with the most stars is the winner. Waluigi is always the winner, I have no idea why.

There’s a lot of mini games like Star Balloons, which is my favorite. You can get a lot of stars by rolling the dice and landing on the star balloon. You trade in star balloons for stars!

There also Boss Battle where you try to defeat the boss. I’m really good at the one where you need to carry the apples to the cart and you need to be careful you don’t wake up the mushroom guys when you get the apples. There also a whack a mole type of game which I’m really good at and I can get a lot of points on.

I love playing Mario Party Star Rush because it’s exciting and fun!