SNOWDAYYYYY and a Scribblenaut Showdown review

Disclosure: We were provided a game code to review the game. All opinions are our own.

I was SO happy when I woke up this morning and my mom told me it was a snowday! It wasn’t actually snowing, and my mom tried to get me to go to school anyway, but I said NO WAY and stayed home to play with my brother and sister. A little while later the weather actually did get pretty bad and my mom was happy we stayed home. My mom has the BEST surprises and when my little brother was taking a nap she surprised me and my little sister with a new game for the Nintendo Switch. You know I LOVE video games, and I was super excited to check this one out!

After a few minutes of playing Scribblenauts Showdown my sister started whining and complaining. She just didn’t get it. MarioKart is really the only game she can play because it’s easy for her. My mom jumped into the game and I finally started to have some fun. My favorite part of the game was when we competed against each other in mini-games, like the soda explosion and the tree-chopping game. It was SO cool beating my mom, she’s not as fast as me!

There are different ways to play the game and 3 different modes:

  • Showdown – Up to four players compete against each other in creative mini-games; “Wordy” mini-games challenge players to outsmart their opponents using words from the game’s vast dictionary, and “Speedy” mini-games put players to race against the clock to finish

  • Versus – Two players go head to head in more than 25 different timed mini-games to add more variety to gameplay

  • Sandbox – The series’ cherished creative playground where players can conjure nearly any object imaginable from an expansive dictionary of 35,000 words — and watch them interact in hilarious and unexpected ways

Scribblenauts Showdown is my new favorite game and I can’t get enough of it. My mom made me take a break to write a quick review but I really want to go back to playing in now. Check it out for the Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.