Mario Party Star Rush for Nintendo 3Ds

I was super excited when my mom told me that Nintendo asked our family to be on the  Nintendo Kid Reviewer team. On the weekends and on snow days, we play Nintendo Wii U as a family, but my favorite thing is playing the Nintendo 3DS after my homework is done. We play Mario Party 10  on the Wii U all the time because it’s one of the only games my 4 1/2 year old sister can play with us too, but it’s nice to play a game by myself sometimes on my Nintendo 3Ds.

I just received Mario Party Star Rush for the Nintendo 3DS which I’m very excited about! When I play it i think it’s a really challenging  game and everyday I feel like I just need to get back to it. It’s all about getting  stars to win the game, you can even add Mario and his friends to your game. Mario Party Star Rush is like a board game and the person who finishes with the most stars is the winner. Waluigi is always the winner, I have no idea why.

There’s a lot of mini games like Star Balloons, which is my favorite. You can get a lot of stars by rolling the dice and landing on the star balloon. You trade in star balloons for stars!

There also Boss Battle where you try to defeat the boss. I’m really good at the one where you need to carry the apples to the cart and you need to be careful you don’t wake up the mushroom guys when you get the apples. There also a whack a mole type of game which I’m really good at and I can get a lot of points on.

I love playing Mario Party Star Rush because it’s exciting and fun!